Process Guide

Step By Step


Create your account at


Submit Application
Login to your account and submit application form using correct details.


Application Assessment
Your admissibility to Canada and eligibility to get a work visa will be assessed within 7 working days.


Decision on your Application

  • If accepted, you will qualify for the next phase
  • If declined, you will have the opportunity to re-apply after 6 months.

Submit Resume
Upload your detailed resume in English and French languages within a short time frame of 15 days after application acceptance.

Your resume is very important and is a key to attract the Canadian companies and eventually to get a Work Visa.

You may already have your resume in English. Just translate your current resume into the French Language from any of our designated translation services.


Canadian Companies
Your resume will be forwarded to the companies on our panel in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, you should arrange following documents, which may be required on the next stages.

Applicant’s Passport
Applicant’s National ID Card
Spouse’ National ID Card (In case if you are married)
Parents’ National ID Card(s) (In case if you are Single)
Marriage Certificate
Proof of Education
Work Experience Proof
2 Fresh Identical Citizenship Photographs


Contract Form
The company who selected you, will prepare and send contract form at your mailing address via DHL . You have to sign the contract form and return to the address mentioned in the contract.

The contract form will have following details

  • Specific Job / Position
  • Training Period
  • Salary and Allowances
  • Tenure

Labour Market Impact Assessment
The company who selected you, will apply LMIA for you.

(LMIA is a document that companies in Canada need to get before hiring a foreign worker. A positive LMIA will show that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job)


Letter of Introduction
Submit your Passport, Contract, Copy of the LMIA and LMIA number to the Canadian Embassy In your country.

After authenticating these documents, the Embassy will issue “letter of introduction” that states you are allowed to work in Canada.


Prepare for travel
Upon receiving the Visa and letter of introduction from Canadian embassy, you will book your air ticket and have to fly within 30 days.

Note: You do not need an eTA to enter Canada.

Processing Time: 36 to 48 Weeks
Detail of Possible Expenses:
  • Translation Charges
    (30 - 60 CAD) Payable to Translation Company
  • Courier Charges
    (10 - 15 CAD) Payable to courier service
  • Visa Fee
    (100 - 150 CAD) Payable to Canadian Embassy
  • Air Ticket (One-Way)
    Price will be based on city of Origin, Airline, Travel Class and Flight schedule.
Our representative will receive you at Toronto Pearson International Airport.
In Our Official Capacity, Canada Shelter Will Host & Entertain You on Day 1