Refugee Acceptance Up In Canada

Despite having tightened the conditions for granting asylum to refugees two years back, refugee acceptance rate has increased. Especially from nations that are considered SAFE for applicants facing persecution. In 2012 the federal government started FAST-TRACKING asylum claims from 42 nations that are considered safe, in order to restrict refugee asylum and to expedite the application process. But these measures have failed to restrict refugee acceptance rates, which have increased from 38% in 2013 to almost 50% in 2014. The asylum reforms led to a drop in the number of refugee claims made - from 20,223 refugee in 2012 to 10,356 in 2013, though in 2014 the numbers went up to 13,652. The new rules apply to asylum claims filed after December 2012, though a significant backlog of applications filed prior to that date are still being assessed under the old rules. Figures show a 61% acceptance rate for applications assessed under the new rules, much higher than the rate for backlog applications which stands at 34%. The acceptance rate for Hungarian refugees, who are mainly Roma minorities, tripled to 35% by 2014. Acceptance rates also went up for Slovakians (from 3.3% to 52%), Mexicans (from 18.8% to 28.8%) and Czechs (from 4.9% to 21%). These countries all belong to SAFE list.